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  1. I am pretty ashamed to say that despite my best efforts to post every month I have not posted for almost an entire year! Pretty shocking really!

    However I have been incredibly busy which is in part one reason for not keeping up to date with my posts!

    I have had the opportunity to take part in some of the regions best events and believe me when I say I am aware of how lucky I have been to have been part of these! At Christmas there is nothing better than a festive fair, with mulled wine, seasonal bakes and heaps of local/regional art and craft. When you reside in Sheffield there is a plethora of Christmas activity and one of the most prestigious is Kelham Island's Victorian Market.

    Kelham Island 2015

    Kelham Island is famous for it's Victorian Christmas Market, held in the Museum and the last one was it's 23rd! I have to say that my favourite part of the whole experience had to be getting dressed up for the occasion. It is a requirement for all stall holders to wear Victorian dress, which I must say would not normally be my was fantastic!

    Kelham Island was not the only highlight of Christmas for me. I was honoured to be part of the wonderful Hepworth Gallery Christmas Market. Since Christmas I have also taken part in their Print Fair in March (which I was also very excited to have been selected for). The Hepworth kind of seems like a second home to me. I have only been a few times and have not yet had the opportunity to look around the gallery but I have such fond memories of the two events that I have done there that there is a great sense of warmth and familiarity the times that I have been back! A truly special place. The Christmas event was some what overwhelming and I felt my work was truly well received which I was truly excited about. This came at exactly the right time and spurred me on through what was a long stretch of fairs and events.

    Hepworth Christmas 2015

    The last event I took part in at Christmas was by far one of my favourites...and this event is one of my favourites to do all year round! PEDDLER...

    Sheffield's coolest event by far - this event brings out the coolest and most hipster folk in Sheffield and  love it! As a stallholder I will let you into a little secret...being able to eat and drink from the most amazing food and drink stalls whilst selling your work really is an appealing part of the process. It's a unique event like no other which usually just feels like a huge social even. Incredible. 

    Peddler Dec 2015 

    Well it was a long stretch of events and much has happened favourite part of this job is meeting the public and the support I receive from the people who buy my work is truly touching.

    It may seem odd writing this in May and it is...but it is also apt as I am working on designs for next never ends! 


    HUGE NEWS...A selection of my products will be travelling to FRANCE (!!!!) this friday to contribute towards a subscription travel box with French company 'La Boxtrotter'. As you can imaging I am pretty thrilled about this! My first international order! The Owlery goes global...not quite!

    La Boxtrotter

    But this is massive and it has an even more impressive story behind it!

    A few weeks ago I was contacted by Seb, the director of La Boxtrotter, an independent travel based subscription box. [I should stop for a moment just to marvel at the concept of a subscription box and how popular they have become recently] A little information about La Boxtrotter - each travel box compromises of 3 things; an app (for when you are in the country you are visiting to help find your way around), a travel guide (for somewhat the same purpose) and a box of products which may be of help when you are there...the box is important! The box contains things that are produced by makers in the country you are visiting! How fantastic is that! So not only do you have a wonderful selection of goodies to help you on your way but they actually come from the country you are about to visit/are visiting!

    La Boxtrotter 1

    So back the story - Seb got in touch to ask if I could supply some of my products for the LONDON answer was of course yes! After some backwards and forwards emails we settled on the items and a price and I asked 'Just out of interest, how did you find me' paraphrase those awful facebook links that try to make you want to click them to watch a video or read an article... 'You won't belive the answer...!'

    La Boxtrotter Londres

    (Presumably) as part of the research for the LONDON box (although he may have just been on holiday...) Seb and/or his team visited London (naturally), while there he/they took part in some English traditions such as going to the pub. Whilst in a London pub he sat next to a girl and started talking (I am paraphrasing here somewhat from the email...if these details are wrong Seb I do it "building a storyline"). The girl said that she went to university in Leeds and at some point showed Seb a small headphone/money wallets designed for your keys. This was one of mine...and from first international order! But lets just backtrack slightly...what are the chances of this happening...I mean really! At some point this lovely young lady (who I would love to get in touch with by the way...if you are out there) either bought from me online or bumped into me at a market/fair and purchased from me...then...she travels to London...then by chance sits down next to a French entrepreneur researching for a travel guide...crazy!

    Headphone Wallet 1

    These little headphone wallets are perfect for travellers...perfect for small bits of change, headphones or any number of items which are easily lost or damaged in your bag!

    So 50 lucky people who will be visiting London shortly from France will be receiving one of 8 of my mini wallet designs. If you havent been lucky enough to get hold of a box from the wonderful 'La Boxtrotter' or simply don't live in France and fancy grabbing a headphone wallet then just click the 'shop' button at the top of the page and scroll down to find them.

    Au revoir mini headphone safe in France!