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It seems, the more I look around, the more I realise that the arts and crafts world is dominated by women. I'm not sure if this comes as much of a surprise to me to be honest. Throughout the ages women have been encouraged into 'domestic sciences' and even 10-15 years ago when I was at school boys were not seen to taking textiles! Their subjects were DT or graphics. I was the only boy in years to take textiles as a GCSE, something I was incredibly proud of! I am not going to start harping on about gender roles and I have just thrown out some obscenely stereotypical statements, although in my experience these are sadly somewhat accurate!

James Green Printworks Sheffield City View

James Green Printworks -

I sell as part of All Good Stuff in Sheffield and Our Handmade Collective in Leeds and both venues are heavily dominated by women (which I may add is not a bad thing! I am simply very jealous and wish I had half the skill that my peers have!). I only began to think about this after receiving an invite to apply to sell at ManMade, a Male only arts and crafts sellers event in London linked to Crafty Fox Market. I then began to look around at my stockists and the events and activities I saw on social media and came across an event for Female entrepreneurs in Sheffield at Union Street.  Is there anything for male entrepreneurs? Where do I go to get advice and help or to build my contact list?


Chris Boland Designs -

There are so many incredible Male makers out there and Sheffield is no exception. I pride myself on being a male artists/crafts person in a female dominated industry. I only have to look at instagram to notice the distinct difference in male and female makers. Why is this? What possible reason is there for this imbalance? Is it nature? Is it nurture? Who knows...who cares...lets celebrate Man made!


Mark Turner Sheffield

Mark Turner -

This is not a provocative post which is aiming to rile anyone up or cause any great debate but is something that I am noticing more and more. Lets celebrate man made equally to wo-man made and promote the status of men in arts and crafts to encourage others to embrace their creativity.


Steve Roche Stonemason -

Showcasing some of my favourite male artists and makers - James Green, Mark Turner, Chris Boland and Steve Roche